Top priority to Ukrainian business, not foreign business

Despite all the offshore scandals around, Ukrainian business is growing. According to the estimates made by the Ministry of Economic Development, in 2016 foreign direct investments will for some mysterious reason reach the level of $5 billion. And will stay at that level for the next three years. If my financial expert gave me such estimates, I would have fired him right away. One cannot do business feeding upon fantasies while a sensible view of statistics gives the entrepreneur a chance to see real growth prospects and adopt healthy economic egoism.

Economic patriotism. How do we learn to compete with the EU

Ukraine needs economic patriotism to become a part of Europe on equal terms, not as a “poor relation” waiting for new benefits and loans.

A one-way street: European risks for Ukrainian pharmaceutical market

Our pharmaceutical industry is currently able to produce all the needed medications that have no legal manufacturing restrictions.

Returning to the avant-garde

How Ukrainians can overcome inferiority complex

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