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The Story of Glib Zagoriy

The story of Glib Zagoriy is a story of a man always seeking for deep understanding of the very essence of the process, aspiring to realize everything in full detail. This applies to production and business, charity and politics. Businessman, philanthropist and politician, Glib Zagoriy is a bright representative of the new generation of Ukrainian elite, focused on achieving the European future for Ukraine and taking practical steps towards it. Co-owner and former CEO of family business, Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa», today Glib is a member of Ukrainian Parliament, member of the Committee on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants and Disabled People.

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    Born on 21st of August. Father: Volodymyr Zagoriy (Born in 1951 in Lubny, Plotava region (Ukraine), currently the Head of Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa» supervisory board), mother — Lyudmyla Zagoriy (Born in 1951).


    Graduated from school № 261 in Kyiv with distinction.


    Started working at Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa» in marketing research and logistics division


    Received master's degree in International Economics at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Qualification: Master of international business administration.


    Received his second degree in Pharmaceutical Theory at the National University of Pharmacy. Qualification: Engineering technologis


    Became the chief coordinator of general policy and strategy issues at Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa»


    Received PhD at the National University of Pharmacy.
    Specialization: Theory of medications and administration of pharmaceutical industry.
    Thesis topic: «Development of composition of soft pharmaceutical form for treatment of thrombophlebitis»


    Became assistant professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


    Elected Director General of Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa»


    Became assistant professor at the Department of organization and economics of pharmacy of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.


    Received Doctorate degree at Zaporozhye State Medical University.
    Specialization: «Technology of Pharmacy, Organization of Pharmaceutical Business and Judicial Pharmacy».
    Thesis topic: «Methodological Rationale for Strategy and Tactics of Systematic Measures for Optimizing and Effective Development of National Production of Medicines».
    Elected to Ukrainian Parliament from the party list of Petro Poroshenko Bloc (position 52 in the list of candidates). Member of the Committee on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants and Disabled People.


    Created Zagoriy Family Charitable Foundation


    Glib Zagoriy became the most active deputy who supports reforms. VoxUkraine experts rated Zagoriy’s KPI as 77%. Glib Zagoriy was especially active in the field of fighting corruption (88 %).


    Glib Zagoriy made a business visit to the USA where he met with officials of U.S. Senate, Congress and Department of Veterans Affairs. Together with his colleagues from parliamentary committee, he initiated establishment of similar ministry in Ukraine.


    Together with Kyiv School of Economics, Glib Zagoriy and Zagoriy Family Foundation launched free entrepreneurial training program for ATO veterans. The program aims to provide education and practical knowledge for Ukraine’s defendants to allow them bringing their business ideas to life.

    Darnitsa 1@2xDarnitsa 2@2x

    Pharmaceutical Firm «Darnitsa»

    In October 1930 Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Institute of Experimental Endocrinology was established. It was hard to imagine that the new facilities of the institute built in 1938 in Darnitsa district of Kyiv would then become a basis for the country's biggest chemical and pharmaceutical enterprise — «Darnitsa». This was the company that gave a strong impulse for the development of modern pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.

    1994 was the beginning of modern history of the company. That year Darnitsa Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant became the Joint-Stock Company «Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa». In 2012 the type of ownership was changed into a privately held company.

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