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Neil Harbisson gives a lecture in Kyiv in terms of #MeeTheFuture project

British visionary artist and composer is considered to be the first officially recognized cyborg in the world.

Glib Zagoriy disclosed 95 patents and more than 1.5 million charity donations

Reads his electronic declaration filed into the Unified State Electronic Declarations Registry.

Report: Glib Zagoriy becomes one of the most productive lawmakers of 2018

The MP has co-authored 13 bills, 5 of which became the laws of Ukraine.

Glib Zagoriy announced the “Book of the Year 2018” winner in the nomination “Horizons”

“I am proud that Ukraine has infiltrated into the global system of knowledge," he said in his speech.

Glib Zagoriy became the most productive lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada

The Committee of the Voters of Ukraine defined the most effective lawmakers of the Verkhovna Rada, the eights convocation of Ukraine’s parliament.

Glib Zagoriy: Charity must become our everyday routine

The interview with the Help Fund Ukraine (UFOND).

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