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Glib Zagoriy announced the “Book of the Year 2018” winner in the nomination “Horizons”

“I am proud that Ukraine has infiltrated into the global system of knowledge," he said in his speech.

Glib Zagoriy became the most productive lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada

The Committee of the Voters of Ukraine defined the most effective lawmakers of the Verkhovna Rada, the eights convocation of Ukraine’s parliament.

Glib Zagoriy: Charity must become our everyday routine

The interview with the Help Fund Ukraine (UFOND).

The Zagoriy Family Fund introduces top visionaries of the future to the Ukrainians

Futurologist Alexander Bard became the first guest of #MEETheFUTURE series of meetings.

Glib Zagoriy moderated the discussion on impact investments during the Business Wisdom Summit 2018

More and more entrepreneurs ask themselves not only how to earn more but also how would they make it into history.

Glib Zagoriy submitted 9 laws during the 8th session of the Verkhovna Rada

One of his laws was supported by the parliament.

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