Glib Zagoriy is among most active reformer deputies

Glib Zagoriy is among most active reformer deputies

Glib Zagoriy, the member of Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction, is one of the most active deputies, supporting reforms. This is evidenced by information posted on VoxUkraine web-site.

Web portal experts assessed Zagoriy’s KPI as 77 %, attendance of plenary sessions as 62 %, and participation in voting as 57 %.

The assessment rests on the analysis that was carried out to learn the level of support demonstrated by the deputy towards the reforms in different areas. According to data on the web-site, Glib Zagoriy was especially active in the following fields: fighting corruption (88 %), energy security (83 %) and decentralization (64 %).

Also, the deputy supported issues relating to civil service and currency regulation (100 %), fighting corruption and other areas of government control (88 %).

Glib Zagoriy commented the results of research on his Facebook page.

“It is a pleasure to realize that key principles which I tried to put into my work from the very beginning are now fixed in different reforms and decisions that have been passed. Sure, we always have something to work on. But I believe that such clear and evident indicators of our deputies’ work must be demonstrated all the time. Any person must have an opportunity to assess those who are responsible for state policy and legislation. Consequently this determines our everyday life to a large extent.”

As previously reported, VoxUkraine assesses deputies based on Reforms Support Index. This index demonstrates each deputy’s contribution to approval of reformative laws that were previously selected by 40 leading experts in different areas.