Zagoriy Family Foundation partners with global charity movement #GivingTuesday

Zagoriy Family Foundation partners with global charity movement #GivingTuesday

In Ukraine it is called #SchedryVivtorok and is aimed at uniting everybody who is involved in charitable activities in any form.

Ukraine has entered into Memorandum on cooperation with head office of #GivingTuesday initiative thus becoming officially a part of global charitable community, present in more than 150 countries worldwide, and having gathered more than 60 mln US dollars for the last year alone.

In Ukraine the movement is called #SchedryVivtorok and it is aimed at uniting all people involved in charitable activities of any kind, irrespective of their origin, social status and assets, race or nationality. Movement organizers expect that millions of people will join the initiative and it will become an integral part of life and one of the most anticipated days of the year for each Ukrainian.

The idea of #GivingTuesday came up in 2012 in the USA. On the last Tuesday of November millions of participants all over the world run different campaigns for the benefit of charitable organizations posting respective information in social networks calling to do good things for those who need it most of all.

The following Ukrainian companies have already joined the initiative: Zagoriy Family Foundation, charitable fund “Tabletochki”, “Club Dobrodiiv” as well as Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum.

“For the last 12 months, an average of UAH 100 – 500 were donated by more than 70 % of Ukrainians for the benefit of people in need. This positive tendency and people’s willingness to give was demonstrated during the GfK Ukraine and Corestone Group research, which we carried out before the project launch,” Kateryna Zagoriy, organizer of #GivingTuesday in Ukraine, the founder of Zagoriy Family Foundation says. “We want charitable and volunteering activities become popular, modern and natural thing. Each alms-deed is significant, and each participant is important, especially when we act altogether. Therefore we invite all charitable foundations, social organizations as well as large corporations, factories, ministries, schools, universities and every Ukrainian to join the All-Ukrainian giving movement #GivingTuesday”.

In 2018 #GivingTuesday is going to take place on 27 November, on the week before the Black Friday. Anyone willing to do something good this day may join the movement and contribute his or her time, things, knowledge, skills, and not just money. Sharing this information in social networks and inspiring your friends and people you know, bringing in as many people as possible is a must. If you are interested in the idea, irrespective of whether you represent public, private or non-government organization, or act on your own behalf, please complete this simple online form and become its part.

“#GivingTuesday inspires people to work together for the sake of building a better future, reasonably assisting charitable organizations and supporting good deeds they believe, thus making the world a better place to live. The fact that Ukraine joined #GivingTuesday global movement demonstrates how important it is for your people to give and do something good. Doing it together with the rest of the world is a great power”, Henry Thomas, founder and leader of the #GivingTuesday, commented.

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Source: Zagoriy Family Foundation.