Glib Zagoriy submitted 9 laws during the 8th session of the Verkhovna Rada

Glib Zagoriy submitted 9 laws during the 8th session of the Verkhovna Rada

One of his laws was supported by the parliament.

Glib Zagoriy, a lawmaker and a member of the parliamentary committee on veterans’ affairs, anti-terroristic operation and other military campaigns members and people with disabilities’ affairs, has submitted nine law projects during the 8th session of the Ukrainian Parliament.

That’s according to the annual lawmaker’s report, Glib Zagoriy has filed.

One of his laws was supported by the parliament.

Lawmakers voted for the bill №2443-VIII from May 22, 2018, on “Making amendments to certain laws of Ukraine, concerning the social security protection of people, who suffered during the Revolution of Dignity and some other individuals”.

As for other legislative initiatives of Glib Zagoriy, they were concerning the social security level of all categories of the anti-terroristic operation participants, the recognition of the volunteer battalion’s member’s status of a “war veterans”.

He also submitted laws, concerning the social insurance for Ukraine’s protectors from the Russian Federation aggression.

Zagoriy’s laws were also defining the legislative status of hostages, arrested on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, protection of people with disabilities and also the strengthening of the social security of the participants of Ukraine’s fight for independence in XX century.

During his work in parliamentary committee, Glib Zagoriy has concentrated on creating the Ministry of Veteran’s Affairs in Ukraine. Notably, he created the working group for composing propositions for the Cabinet of Ministers on the new ministry’s launch.

Also, several international conversations and roundtables had been held on the same topic.

The lawmaker has also proposed 62 amendments to the bills and filed 55 lawmaker’s requests.

In particular, the amendments concerning the improvement of the disability category definition for the ATO participants, the improvement of the Red Terror regime’s repressions victims of 1917-1991. He also urged for the strengthening of the protection over the Nazi and political repressions victims.

Glib Zagoriy is the ultimate beneficial owner of the PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa” – one of the leading medicine producers in Ukraine.

According to the project data, in 3.5 years of Verkhovna Rada’s VIII session work Glib Zagoriy has become one of the lawmakers, whose legislative initiatives found more than 30 percent of support in the parliament.