Exhibition of fine art and decorative items by children with disabilities opens

Exhibition of fine art and decorative items by children with disabilities opens

On May 31, the day before the International Children’s Day, the exhibition of fine art and decorative items created by children with disabilities was opened in the premises of the Verkhovna Rada.

The event was organized with support of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants, and Disabled People, headed by Oleksandr Tretiakov, the member of the parliament.

“Everyone’s mission is to daily look after and do our best to make children grow happy. This is particularly regards children with disabilities. This event is aimed at drawing adults’ attention to grown-up problems of those who can not take care of themselves. I believe that these beautiful and talented artworks won’t leave anybody indifferent, since these reveal the soulful beauty of those young men of spirit”, commented Oleksandr Tretiakov on opening of the exhibition.

“These children can awaken the sense of shame in adults, since they do not complain about their hardships, but instead create masterpieces with their own hands. Many grown-ups should follow the example of these young craftsmen. We were pleased to see among the works from all over Ukraine the items created by children from Katsman rehabilitation centre “Dzvinochok” of Chernivtsi Region”, said Maksym Burbak, the member of the parliament and the First Deputy Head of the Committee.

Glib Zagoriy, the member of Ukrainian parliament and the member of the Committee, thanked young talents for their strong spirit and willingness to create and share the beauty. “We must protect children’s rights so that they grow up happy and do what they love to do, for we, the grown-ups, are responsible for future of each child, and therefore for the new generation of Ukrainians. All pieces of work demonstrated here, that were made by children aged between 5 and 19, value the most precious reward and praise”, emphasized Glib Zagoriy.

Further the deputies, the members of the Committee purchased artworks from each child hoping it will help them to make their dreams come true. Also, all paintings purchased by the members of the Committee will soon be on the walls in the Committee’s premises.

Reportedly, tomorrow, June 1, is the International Children’s Day which is celebrated globally. It has been celebrated since 1950, for more than 60 years now.