The Zagoriy Family Fund introduces top visionaries of the future to the Ukrainians

The Zagoriy Family Fund introduces top visionaries of the future to the Ukrainians

Futurologist Alexander Bard became the first guest of #MEETheFUTURE series of meetings.

The Zagoriy Family Fund has founded the series of meetings #MEETheFUTURE.

Their goal is to introduce people, who define the mindset of the future, to Ukraine.

Alexander Bard, a visionaire, futurologist, a member of the “Army of Lovers” band and the author of the bestselling novel “Netocracy. The new ruling elite and the life after capitalism”, became the first guest of the series of meetings.

“It is very important to create the free panels for this type of discussion in Ukraine. The place of our country in the future world will depend on how we respond to the challenges of the new epoch,” said Glib Zagoriy, the founder of the Fund and the owner of the pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”.

#MEETheFUTURE has united more than 200 state, diplomatic, civic and cultural figures, as well as philanthropists. The first meeting was in the format of a lecture by Alexander Bard and the questions-answers session. Such format allowed constructing a decent dialogue between the representatives of several different sectors.

Alexander Bard said in the modern world the interaction of different people is a generator of new ideas. “We are not inventing ideas. Moreover, our brain doesn’t give birth to ideas. They usually appear during the interplay of different cultures and personalities.”

“The future – is the ideas in the first place. Ideas that were born of the interaction of different cultures, opinions, values, and identities. Philanthropy is one of the generators for new ideas. Charity opens a new world to a person. You would hardly enter this world if you think only of personal enrichment. While discovering the needs and goals of other people, we discover something new about ourselves. The potential of our personal and career development hides in the unimplemented ambitions,” Glib Zagoriy said.

“The aspiration for philanthropy helps us to perceive the world as it is. And by that it makes us more open to the new, makes our mind and ourselves vivid. The understanding and acceptance of diversity that co-exists with our personal world – is what generosity means. The capacity that gives you inspiration, motivation, and ideas,” said Kateryna Zagoriy, the co-founder of the Zagoriy Family Fund.

#MEETheFUTURE organizers are confident that the modern world has become too fast. That is why people must react to the challenges of the future with the same speed. They must discover new things and share their experience and practical knowledge with others.

Glib Zagoriy hopes #MEETheFUTURE platform will become a platform that helps Ukrainians to discover the trends of the future and adopt the experience of the world.