Charity is the true language of the heart.

Tradition of Charity

Thanks to my Father, Volodymyr Zagoriy, commitment to charity is a strong family tradition. His philanthropy always was an example for me to follow. And I try my best to continue the family cause.

To make our charity into systematic activity we founded Zagoriy Family Charitable Foundation in 2015. We chose three main spheres we can be effective in: culture of healthcare, culture of art and culture of charity. I consider them the key aspects of the development of Ukrainian society.

Zagoriy Family Foundation

Foundation activities

Culture of Health

Our foundation pays special attention to the healthcare reform. We aid the integration of the best world practices and experience in Ukrainian healthcare system, implement modern technology and carry out systematic development programs.

Some of them are programs of development of children’s cardiology, educating school kids the basics of first aid, assisting the development of conditions for people with special needs, implementation of the new education model for rehabilitative health-care in accordance with European standards.

Culture of Art

The second direction of our charitable activity is cultural philanthropy. I am convinced that both preservation of cultural heritage and the support of modern art are equally important for the spiritual development of our nation.

Zagoriy family has been supporting the prestigious Petro Yatsyk Ukrainian Language Contest. In 2016 we assisted the realization of the publishing project «Kazimir Malevich: Kyiv period of 1928-1930».

Our Foundation assisted the creation of Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History – the first in our country interactive center for studies of historical and modern fashion. I consider this a good example of how we can present Ukraine as a country with profound history of arts and exquisite artistic taste.

Culture of charity

One of the main reasons for creation of Zagoriy Family Charitable Foundation is our aspiration for establishing and development of the culture of charity in Ukraine. For many years we have supported many long-term projects crucial for our society. We also take part in the events promoting charity among Ukrainians.

One of those was the photography contest «Charity through the lens». The main aim of the contest is to attract attention to the best practices of philanthropy. In 2015 Zagoriy Family Foundation supported the organization of the contest as the general partner of Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum

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