The industrial elite is the basis of Ukraine's independence and economic power.

Political activity

Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, member of Faction of the PARTY «PETRO POROSHENKO BLOC».

Member of Committee on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants and Disabled People.

Member of the inter-parliamentary groups on relations with Hungary, the Swiss Confederation, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Chile, State of Israel, Kingdom of Denmark and Slovak Republic.

Following four parliamentary sessions initiated 47 draft laws. 20 of them were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. Issued 65 amendment proposals, 55 of which were taken into account. Attended 97% of the meetings of the Committee, 86% of the plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada.

Parliamentary statistics

  • 47

    laws prepared

  • 20

    laws accepted

  • 65


  • 12


Deputy requests