My History

Glib Zagoriy’s history is a history of a man who always gets a deep insight into the core of the processes, striving to comprehend everything in detail and to the maximum extent possible, whether it is about production processes, charity, business-processes or political issues. As a businessman, philanthropist and politician Glib Zagoriy represents new generation of Ukrainian elite focused on building European Ukraine through their actions rather than words, leading by own lifestyle and thinking. Being the owner of a family business, Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa”, and formerly the manager of the firm, today Glib Zagoriy is a member of Ukrainian parliament, a member of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants, and Disabled People.

Whatever you're doing, do it to the best of your ability. This is the motto.

Having changed several schools due to his parents’ work-related relocations, Glib learned to easily adjust to any surrounding without being distracted from his educational process. He graduated a specialized physics school with honors (summa cum laude). Aside from primary education he had been having his sports and musical lessons. His time and efforts were spent with good reason. Glib is a jiu-jitsu and auto racing master.

Believe it or not, but motor sport played an important role while forming his character. Auto racing was not only his escape, but a way to demonstrate his family that he deserves to be treated as an independent individual. Even when this stage of his life is over, Glib is still passionate about racing as a recipe to get things off his chest, to comprehend what is going on around him from a new perspective.

Glib’s father, who was born in Poltava region, Volodymyr Zagoriy, always was a leader in their family. He established “Darnytsa” firm, and usually people who managed to build such business demonstrate their leadership outside the business site as well. Glib Zagoriy was of the same cut of cloth. Therefore, he made his way to the top of the management tree via his training and education first of all. Two higher education programs, economic and pharmaceutical, also were chosen for a reason. Being intended to continue family business Glib understood that he can not come up to the manufacturing site just as a manager who is familiar with technologies, since the price of mistake in this area is too high. That was the reason why Zagoriy-junior not only completed his training program in pharmaceutical academy, but also passed his Ph.D. on drug inventions. Later on his deep knowledge of the business was highly appreciated by all technology staff of “Darnitsa”. While working on the enterprise he started as a regular export manager and finished as a general director.

When Glib ceased managing the enterprise, it had high performance rates. “Darnitsa” is irremovably among the four leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers; the company ranks first in sales volumes of packed medicines. The company’s products are consumer confidence leaders, which is the most important indicator for any business.

Social research carried out in 2015 showed that “Darnitsa” brand is the most trusted among the Ukrainians.

Glib Zagoriy in his office
at “Darnitsa” plant.

While working at “Darnitsa”, Glib Zagoriy faced one of the biggest challenges: upgrading the production facilities in order to preserve the company’s market position and make a quality move forward. Once he became a general director of the company, he was the first in the whole industry to obtain international GMP certificates; he made a large-scale technical re-equipment of vial production. In 2015 “Darnitsa” took into operation the most up-to-date production of infusion solutions of European level that was unique in Ukraine.

Glib Zagoriy in his office
at “Darnitsa” plant.

When heading to politics Glib Zagoriy said he clearly understood that if elite is unable to meet the needs of the majority, this majority shall, sooner or later, change the elite. Social responsibility and love for the country are the key principles of his life philosophy.

Industrial elite of the country, to which in my opinion I belong, is a basis for any political force, something which is a must to build independent and economically strong Ukraine.

In the field of lawmaking, which is new for Glib Zagoriy, he managed to preserve an important feature — deep understanding of the fact that fate and life of other people depend on your decisions. Glib Zagoriy is one of those deputies who managed to arrange for public procurement of medicinal products via reputable international organizations. Glib actively participated in drafting UNO agreement on procurement of medicinal products that allows saving public funds and minimizing corruption in Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Among all possible areas of deputy’s areas of focus Zagoriy has chosen one of the most challenging and topical area – he joined the Committee on Affairs of Veterans, Combatants, ATO Participants, and Disabled People. Glib’s work in the committee is consistent and responsible. During two years of his presence there he proposed dozens of important draft bills in this and other related areas. In particular, he is successful due to direct and ongoing contacts with ATO participants and not just operating with general information on the problems and the situation. Not many people know that Glib has been providing active support to Luhansk battalion from the very beginning of military activity on the East of Ukraine.

Generally, understanding people and taking care of them are features which Glib gained with the family tradition of philanthropy. Since childhood he have been taught by Zagoriy-father: if you are privileged more than others, you must share. “My father Volodymyr Zagoriy is my role model”, Glib Volodymyrovych confessed.

If you decide to become a businessman, you put on the line everting you have; if you decide to become a politician, you put on the line yourself.

To ensure charity activity is consistent, Zagoriy Family Foundation was established in 2015. Today Foundation is involved in implementing a number of projects in key directions aimed at development of Ukrainian society: culture of health protection, culture of art, culture of charity. In particular, thanks to foundation efforts more than 20 000 Ukrainian pupils gained essential life-saving knowledge and skills in first medical aid. Additionally, a complex program on implementing European educational model of rehabilitation medicine “Rehabilitation of the Future” is currently being implemented jointly with Ukrainian Catholic University.

Zagoriy Family Foundation supported founding of the “Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History”, the first interactive centre of historical and modern garments established in the country. In 2016 the Foundation participated in the initiative started by the “Rodovid” Publishing House for the third time by supporting a unique publishing project “Kazimir Malevich: Kyiv period of 1928–1930” during which unknown texts by K. Malevich were published for the first time after these were found last year in Kyiv in archive of the artist Marian Kropyvnytskyi.

The basis of future Ukraine is modern and physically and mentally sound nation and educated responsible citizens. Glib Zagoriy works hard to build such Ukraine – be it business, politics or charity, – works to the best of his ability.

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