Political views

When you do something – you do everything to the maximum. This is a credo. If you take a decision to become an entrepreneur, you risk everything you have, and if you decide to be a politician – you risk your personality. Going into politics, I was perfectly aware that if the elites are not able to meet the needs of the majority, this majority will sooner or later replace these elites. The Revolution of Dignity gave an impetus for positive changes in Ukraine. And this chance should be used. Social responsibility and patriotism are the cornerstones of my life philosophy. “The country’s industrial elite, I think I belong to, is the foundation for any political force. Something crucial for building an independent, economically powerful Ukraine.”

“The foundation for Ukraine's success is its own production and economic patriotism. One should not confuse the “support of domestic producers” with the economic patriotism, and I ask you not to consider patriotism in the economics as some definite form of fanaticism, or something worse – nationalism. No, the talk is about the things that have been many times described in economics textbooks. And I mean that the simple fact that if the country is not involved in the creation of added value, but only exports natural resources, then there can be no conversation about the qualitative leap. And another thing – Ukrainian companies are not worse than the foreign ones. We are NOT underdeveloped. There are attempts to press on us allegedly an axiom, that Ukraine is, first of all, the consumer market. This is not true.”

“What I am saying now is probably obvious; however, to this day, not everybody realizes that the European choice and our intention to join the EU and NATO are the necessary preconditions for survival under the Russian aggression. Even without taking into account the occupation of Crimea and Donbas, it is important for our present and for the future. We are only starting to comprehend the things that the Baltic countries understood and accepted immediately. Unfortunately, it will also take time.”

If you came to the Parliament, then work on the laws

According to the monitoring data of the Ukrainian Parliament activity, conducted by the civil network “Opora”, Gib Zagoriy has been among the three most productive deputies during 2 years of work in the Verkhovna Rada. His performance indicator is 38% – 13 out of 34 initiated by him draft laws have become laws.

Monitoring data